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The district of Bareilly lying between Lat.28 degree 1′ and Long. 78 degree 58′k and 79 degree 47′E was once the part of ancient Panchala, which was bound by the river Gomati in the east, Yamuna in the west, Chambal in the south and on the north it approaches the Himalayan foot hills. During the later Vedic period Panchala acquired considerable significance – in fact it became the matrix of Later Vedic Civilization. According to the Shatapatha Brahamana (XIII 5.4.7-8)the Brahmins who had settled in different parts of Panchala and were being patronised by its Kings were to be counted not by hundreds but by many thousands. At another place’ the same text records, “speech sounds higher among the Kuru-Panchalas” – the speech denoting the rectification of Vedic texts. The scholars of Panchala were famous throughout India.


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